26 May 2009

Busy Day

Today was a busy day. First, I borrowed a truly wondrous idea from Lora Lynn over at Vita Familiae. I sprinkled down my tub with baking soda, sprayed a pair of scrub brushes with vinegar, and threw the two oldest monkeys in the tub. (I gave Monkey #3 a mini spray bottle and scrub brush. He did the outside of the tub). Oh, happy day! 20 minutes later they had scrubbed the whole bottom of the tub! There are no before or after pictures; I'm not ready to admit to the state of my bathroom this publicly yet. But it was a beautiful thing. In a surprising development, Monkey#2 (that would be my girl) decided she liked scrubbing, and stuck with it for about another 20 minutes after her brothers moved on to more important things. Here she is, playing in the dirt in between rain showers this afternoon:

That's the "Don't take my picture!" face. This one doesn't really like having attention focussed on her. During naptime, my oldest helped me start supper. I've been dying to try the recipe Pioneer Woman posted recently for Bolognese Sauce and Homemade Pasta, so during naptime Monkey #1 and I got the noodles going.

He was very intense in his kneading. Hands, fists, elbows. I suspect this may be a good way to work out agression. When my DH got home, the sauce was simmering on the stove, and we were cutting noodles. I felt so together! ('Til I remembered that the house was a mess and I didn't do any laudry today.) So we had a great dinner together, which was really nice.
The pasta and sauce were a hit, all around.

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  1. That last photo is epic. Love you all! :)



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