28 May 2009

Sock Monster, thy name is Monkey

Before I start this story, you have to understand that my husband always buys the same kind of socks. That way, every sock matches every other sock, and there is never more than one odd sock in the drawer. We keep that one, because sooner (rather than later) he'll wear a hole through another one, and will once again have an even number of socks. It's a beautiful system, really, but it hasn't worked out so well for the rest of us.

Yesterday I noticed a link in the comments over at Pioneer Woman's blog, and followed it here. Go read that story, it made me laugh out loud. :-) I didn't say anything to my Mad Scientist, however, because he was deeply involved in Very Important Research. He didn't ask, because he's used to me laughing out loud about random things. It runs in my family. I should tell you about my sister sometime...

Tonight I mentioned that I really should put up another post, and what would I post about? Having no idea that I had been thinking about socks, my dh said, "I think you should take a picture of the sock pile on the dresser. There's THIRTEEN socks there, and not one pair. I didn't even know there were thirteen different kinds of socks!

Now, the astute among you will notice that there are not 13 different kinds of socks here. The three medium-sized colored ones, and the one with the grey stripe 'round the top and white foot, would match if they were the same colour. And I would like to point out that this pile contains 4 socks from my youngest son, one from Yours Truly, and EIGHT socks from Monkey #1. And I know where the other sock of mine is. So I have come to the conclusion that the sock monster is a myth, and my sons have begun eating their socks in protest of the fact that I do not (apparently) give them enough food. Because really, what other possibility is there?

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  1. ... all those things we dealt with each day growing up have become such a reality. Remember the unmatched sock basket, and the solution of safety pinning our socks?


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