21 June 2009


I don't think that good daddies are as difficult to find as it sometimes seems. I'm sure a perusal of the mothering blogs today would reveal a plethora of tributes to men who work hard being good husbands and good fathers. I'm fortunate to have married one of the best.

This is from last winter. The Mad Scientist, building a snowman with Monkey #1 and Monkey #2.

The Mad Scientist, reading Thorton Burgess (because he loved those stories, when he was a boy):

The Mad Scientist, digging for dinosaur bones:

The Mad Scientist, demonstrating the Potato Sack Hold:

The Mad Scientist, whose youngest son absolutely adores him:

He's Daddy's boy.
I love this picture. There's nowhere as safe, as a daddy's arms:

Being a good daddy is hard work. Especially because you aren't off-duty, just because the monkeys aren't awake:

I've been grateful every day since we said "I do", that I married this man. And never more so than when I see him taking so much joy in his children, playing with them, disciplining them, and showing them what love looks like, every single day.

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