13 June 2009

I think I'm really in trouble this time

Remember that we've been trying to teach the Littlest Monkey to sleep through the night in his own bed? I gave up. I was too sleep-deprived, and I decided that sleep now was more important than sleep at some point down the road. I'm beginning to think the point where they all begin "sleeping through the night" is actually an elaborate hoax. It never really happens. And right now, it's more important to me to get the little sleep I am allowed. Lying in bed listening to my son crying (yes, sometimes it is actually just a temper tantrum) is NOT helping me get a better night's sleep. So I quit.

And you know what? Once he realized that I would pick him up when he asked me to, Monkey#3 didn't mind going back in his own bed.

Two nights ago, still not fully convinced that I had really just given up, I went in and tried to convince him that he really didn't need to nurse. "Can you lie back down and go to sleep Baby?" I asked, hopefully.

And he wrapped those little arms around my neck, and replied so sweetly "I dus' anna 'nuggle, lill' bit." And that's when I decided I was doomed. :-) Because who could could possibly resist THAT?

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