22 June 2009

Learning humility

Did you know that a gathering of monkeys is called a troupe? Whales gather in pods, lions in prides, and monkeys gather in troupes. I notice these things, when I'm reading, because I know all about monkeys. I am mothering a troupe of monkeys. It's not just the way they climb all over everything, or that they jump, screech, and run about with seemingly inexhaustible stores of energy. Perpetual motion has nothing on Monkey#2. She could outlast the Energizer Bunny. Now, I frequently don't have my camera to provide evidence for these things, but the other day I just happened to be nursing Monkey #3, and the Mad Scientist was handy to capture this:

That's his latest favourite nursing position. (Don't worry, you can't see anything inappropriate). Which is to say, it's the one he comes back to most frequently as he's squirming all over the place, without ever letting go of me. I remember a mother talking about nursing her toddler in La Leche League once, and saying that she was dealing with this sort of thing. I thought (to myself, thankfully) "I couldn't tolerate that. I'd just make him lie still." Yeah, right. Well, I could, but seriously? Some things just aren't worth the hassle...or the tears. It's not that important. So I play jungle gym when I nurse. I remind myself that, if I haven't learned humility by now, there's lots of years left. Mothering will teach you humility, sooner or later, I'm firmly convinced. It doesn't pay to get hoity-toity as a mother. Someone with an irresistable grin will take you down a peg or two, and you probably won't even be able to get upset. It's a self-defense mechanism God gives them:

This is a totally gratuitous picture, just because I love it. (Yes, Mother, I'll put up pictures of the other monkeys soon.) :-)

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