21 June 2009

The Monkey Troupe

I knew that someday I would need to explain, why it is I call my children The Monkeys. Well, maybe every mother of small children understands. I can't be the only one who sees things like this on a regular basis. Right?

It started with Monkey #2. When she was three weeks old, we went camping with my family. One evening as I was holding her, she suddenly scrunched her face up. She was smaller than Monkey #1 had been, and she looked just like a little monkey when she made that face, all red and scrunched, and she was such a little bit of a thing...I said "Monkeybean!" And that's been her nickname ever since (though I hasten to add that she has never since appeared to me to have any resemblance to a monkey. That's my disclaimer for the psychiatrist). It was only natural, with a monkeybean in the family, that we would begin to notice how much our oldest often seemed to be part monkey as well. And when Monkey #3 came along, he only added to the mayhem. So now, I mother The Monkey Troupe, and enjoy (nearly) every madcap minute.

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