12 June 2009

Raised Garden Bed

The Pioneer Woman posted a while ago with directions for how to build a raised vegetable bed. I had been looking at Lasagna Gardening, and decided to pair that with the raised bed frame so I could put in some vegetables. The Mad Scientist was pleased, because he didn't have to strip the sod off the garden patch (again). (This is the second time I've tried to put in a vegetable bed back here). So he built the frame. And I realized, I had no idea where to get fill for it. It sat for several weeks, and then I remembered some friends of ours who have horses. Horses produce a LOT of...compost. So I called them up, and they very graciously offered to just GIVE us all the compost we needed (it was real compost at this point, we didn't take the fresh stuff). What a blessing! So first, we got out the weed whacker:

Then we spread out a heavy layer of newspaper. The book says to soak it, but as far as I could tell that was just to keep it from blowing around. We were in a hurry, and lacking a large something to soak it in, so we just anchored it with the compost 'til the bed was covered:

Then we shoveled compost. And I actually do mean "we." Goodness, I haven't worked like that since...well, since college, anyway. I was on Barn Crew for a semester or two in college. I told my husband, "See, this is why you don't see gyms in the country." I can't wait 'til we're living in the country, and I can get back in shape just doing my daily stuff, rather than having to "work out." What a pain that is! Anyway, here's the bed, several wheel-barrow loads later:

The pile in the corner behind it is for a pumpkin plant. I'm putting seeds in the bed. And yes, I know that the middle of June is Very Late to be planting seeds. I'll show you where I put everything in my next post (or two).

P.S. please pardon wonkiness with the font. I'm arguing with Blogger. I feel that the font that appears should be consistent with the HTML, etc. Blogger apparently doesn't agree. Has anyone else had this problem?

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