23 July 2009

In which the Mad Scientist has a brilliant idea

When we first moved in to this house, I decided the small area at the side of the backyard was perfect for one of those little cast-iron firebowls. I could picture it so easily - a small cheery fire and a few comfortable lawn chairs, occupied by us and maybe a few friends. It would be beautiful! The only problem was, those firebowls cost quite a bit of money. I think the cheapest one I've seen was about $60. That may not seem like much to the average person, but we're on a grad-student stipend and like to eat, so it was out for us. I kept hoping I would find one at Goodwill, but never did. (Quiz: How do you know you're really poor? Answer: When you go through Goodwill thinking "Goodness, that's expensive!"). So there I was, with a beautiful mental picture, and no way to make it happen. I hate that.

Then the Mad Scientist had a brilliant idea

He dug a firepit! We had the brick circle already because there used to be a Rose of Sharon there. (Those things are out to take over the world, I swear. They're nearly indestructible too, but the monkeys managed!). So he just dug a pit in the center and ringed it with brick. And voila! We can build a cosy little fire, and even cook over it. Everyone loved that part, especially when we did marshmallows. Monkey #1 wouldn't touch his, and insisted on having it fed to him, because he didn't want to get sticky:

Monkey #2 couldn't have cared less about the mess, and thought the marshmallows were great. Predictably, she got it EVERYWHERE:

We decided not to risk that with Monkey#3. He just got plain untoasted marshmallows. He took as many as he could hold, before his older siblings got them all. Then he gnawed through them like a mouse, and got all sticky anyway:

Oh yes, and then there's me:

Looking gracious and refined, enjoying my meal in a hurry before the monkeys wreak havoc on something else. (For the record, there's only water in the tankard.)

A few weeks later I reset the outer ring of bricks in a smaller circle and filled in between the two brick rings with rock mulch. I scraped the rock mulch out of my front flower bed, where it was preventing anything from growing. So the cost for the firepit was $0, because we only used what we already had on hand. I love our new firepit!

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  1. What a great idea!

    I think its so adorable monkey #1 doesn't like to get his hands sticky.. which is probably nice b/c I can only imagine what its like to try and clean marshmallow off a little one!


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