03 July 2009

Note: Multiple Children Not Necessarily an Indication of Deafness

One of the things that always surprises me, as a parent, is the way everyone else knows how I should be parenting my children. It tends to make me a bit ornery, so I could really relate to Lora Lynn's story about less-than-child-friendly San-Franciscans.

Once upon a time, we were driving to PA from IN to visit the Mad Scientist's parents, and we decided to stop at a hotel the first evening. This hotel, like most, had a continental breakfast included in the cost of the room. This breakfast left a lot to be desired.

I try hard to feed my family healthy, wholesome foods. Presented that morning with rubbery "scrambled eggs" that had obviously come out of a box, white bagels, white toast, white english muffins, orange juice that was mostly water, and a selection of sugary, dyed cereals, I decided "healthy" wasn't really an option. As I was trying to determine what my children would like to eat that I was willing to feed them, our fellow diners were horrified to hear Monkey #1 ask for coffee.

Now, I come from a long line of Norwegians. Norwegians are well known for drinking coffee, and Norwegian children typically start coffee at a very young age. Many parents will give their children sugar cubes dipped in coffee as a treat, which is their first introduction to the beverage. So, even though I wasn't completely thrilled when the Mad Scientist first determined that Monkey #1 liked coffee, I decided to chalk it up to heritage, and stress about more important things. He drinks it well-diluted with milk, with a little sugar, and I'm sure there are much worse things I could be giving him.

Apparently our fellow diners didn't agree. As I handed Monkey #1 his cup of coffee-flavoured milk, the high-school girls behind me (eating the sugary dyed cereal I wouldn't let my children have) began a discussion of my parenting abilities and breakfast choices that gradually increased in volume, until one announced in a voice I couldn't have possibly failed to hear "I'm just saying that orange juice would be a little HEALTHIER!"

I decided to laugh.


  1. hey there! I popped over from LL's blog. =) It's always nice to read other mamma's of many little people. We have our fourth one on the way, and our oldest is four, and the comments never stop.
    People get confused that I absolutely will not let my kids have sugar free jello, but never object to an occasional ice cream cone. =)
    (And they all get a sip of my coffee every morning. Maybe I can start claiming some Norwegian heritage?!)

  2. So glad you sent this to me. I missed it before. Ellen would take a latte every morning if we'd let her. But, um, no. She's intense enough without caffeine. :-)


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