21 July 2009


True confession: My children are in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. (This is one of those humbling things every parent goes through sooner or later; I swore my children wouldn't have anything to do with characters that appeared on sheets, wallpapers, and anything else a child might possibly acquire. Now they love Thomas and Bob the Builder.) The Superintendent of the railway, Sir Topham Hat, apparently is a loud sneezer, and finishes every example off with "Bless me! What a noise!" My children think this is hysterical, and repeat it often.

Yesterday I overheard Monkeys #1 and #2 discussing this phrase, with much hilarity. Now it happens that the Mad Scientist is also known for the explosiveness of his sneezes. So Monkey #2 decided "When Daddy sneezes HE should say "Bless me, what a noise!" too! That would be funny!" And Monkey #1 agreed "Yes, because Daddy sure is a loud sneezer!"

I can't wait to tell my dear husband. :-D

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