30 August 2009

1 Down, 280 Million to Go

Last week was our first official week of homeschool. I wasn't prepared. I finally decided that if we waited for me to be prepared, Monkey #1 might never learn to read at all, so I named Monday as The Day. By the end of The Day, I felt like my head was going to explode. This is what we had accomplished:

That, my friends, is The Schedule. Sunday in church our pastor was talking about having quiet times, and this being a point in the year when many people are making a new beginning. And he said we should be deliberate about setting good patterns at the beginning of a new phase, or the bad pattern will continue until a crisis intervenes. (That may have been a quote. I didn't put that part in my notes.) Y'all, I sat up and took notice. I have enough crises in my life. So first we made The Schedule. Which was good, because at the end of the day on Monday, when I felt like hiding my head under a pillow and whimpering 'til I recovered, I realized that wasn't an option. Because according to The Schedule, 9:00 Tuesday was time for School again. So, Tuesday we made this large poster:

I used it for a whiteboard, actually. We were discussing the Trinity, the Attributes of God (not all, just a few), and what some good things are that God gives us. Again, I felt like I could use a bit of a lie down. On Wednesday we just discussed the Trinity. That's hefty stuff for four-going-on-five-year-old (and a three-year-old), but I used the example of an egg having three parts, and they seemed to get it, basically. We had hard-boiled eggs for snack, to further explore the three parts of the egg. We also made a book (Happiness Is..., look for it on Amazon soon), and did Math. And discussed the idea that months are numbered, so we can write the date with numbers. I decided Day Three had been easier, and since the trend was headed in the right direction, we continued on Thursday:

I'm in the process of painting my china hutch. That's a separate post, which I'll put up when the drawers are done. The point of this picture is to say, I began to organize the school supplies. (I didn't have school supplies 'til last Saturday. We need a new budget category). The three baskets on the bottom shelf are perfect for books. They came from Wal-Mart, a bit of a splurge at $9/each. I'm still working on the other shelves. Slightly more organized, on Thursday we did Bible, Math, and Reading. I discovered by Thursday the monkeys need a slight break in routine. I'm hoping Storytime at the library will take care of that, but that doesn't start 'til next week. Incidentally, see the chart I made so we can see what's going on for the week?

I'll explain how it works once I figure it all out. Right now I have a vague idea involving pictures and lots of poster tack. I haven't used this much poster tack since college. Ah, I've missed that stuff...

So, overall, the week really went exceptionally well. Well enough that I haven't decided to send my children to public school while I run, screaming, all the way to Bora Bora. :-) And I actually have some semblance of a plan for next week. We'll see how it goes. First I need a new ink cartridge for my printer. That's key.

I'm so proud of our new schedule! (Don't try to disillusion me; it's still all shiny and new).

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