11 August 2009

What IS the world coming to?!?

That's pretty much all I have to say about this totally ridiculous brouhaha. I found this article absolutely absurd...and the comments about other doll ideas at the end pretty offensive. I don't think it's reasonable or appropriate to compare a doll that nurses to a doll that is an alcoholic, or one with erectile dysfunction. And do they seriously think that this doll is going to be the thing that introduces girls to the idea of breastfeeding? Oh, right. Because they'd absolutely never see anyone nursing. Not in our perfect, sterile North American world, where anything remotely sexual is kept completely out of the public eye...oh wait. Never mind. It's just the totally NON-sexual act of nursing that everyone has a hang-up about. Actual sexually inappropriate behaviour, pictures, and movies, are plastered all over the place. No one seems to get all hung up about THAT.

Pardon my rant. The obnoxious attitude toward nursing drives me up the wall. Audaciter Matris summed it up pretty well

(We'll return to the regularly scheduled commentary in a day or two, after I un-bury myself from vacation laundry.)

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