30 September 2009

And then I entered a blogging black hole...

The Mad Scientist working late every night does that to my blog. I don't like the keyboard on the desktop (sticky keys, it messes with my spelling) so I tend to avoid it whenever possible. Which means that when the laptop isn't available, the blog will suffer. Sorry.

So, just to clarify a few points:

I do NOT want a tiki-gremlin to periodically pop up in my kitchen and give pop quizzes on my mothering abilities and the cleanliness of my floors. What I want is a tiki-gremlin who will pop up (at believable moments, i.e. NOT when I'm shouting at my family feeling frustrated) and spout encouraging phrases. Things like "excellent way to handle the melt-down!" (theirs, not mine), or "Wow, you're really efficient at that whole tub scrubbing thing!" (I have no idea when in my life that would be appropriate).

Apparently several of my readers were expecting my announcement (so they claim) because of my previous post regarding my hospital visit. So I would just like to point out that I did not have any idea I was expecting when I went to the hospital (or when I put up that post, I don't think). I just knew it was a good possibility. I also knew it was too soon for it to show up on a standard pregnancy test. Because I keep track of these things. Which is good, since no one at the hospital listened to me, and they gave me a prescription that isn't safe to take while pregnant. I'm really glad my husband has access to prescription information, because the pharmacist told us (and I quote) "Well, I'm sure the doctor was aware you were nursing (he wasn't, no one asked) and also should have known what the pregnancy class of the drug was." That's helpful, thanks. All of which is to say, don't just assume the doctor or the pharmacist knows what they're doing. Make sure you ask questions, until YOU are comfortable that you have enough information to be sure they know what they are doing. (Stepping slowly away from the soap box. Pregnancy does this to me. Sorry).

And my favourite response so far:

Monkey1 has announced that he would like a brother. Monkey2 has decided she would like a sister. They are both adamant that I produce their preference. (Monkey1 is more so, at the moment). Monkey1 has decided that the solution is for me to have twins. He said "Could you pray and ask God to make it twins?" I said "YOU can pray for twins, if you want to." (I'm not crazy enough to put in a special request of that sort.) :-)

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