12 September 2009

Gratuitous Monkey Moments

Monkey #2 had her arms wrapped around Monkey #1, who was walking around the house. They were both giggling hysterically over the fact that she had "caught" him...but I knew she was over-tired, and the tears were probably only moments away. Sure enough, about two minutes later hysterical wails erupted from the other room. Monkey #1 came strolling through the door, completely oblivious, saying in a VERY pleased voice "I got away!"

Speaking of the hysterical wails of Monkey #2, Sunday when I walked into her Sunday School classroom they erupted the moment she saw me, and continued all the way out to the car. I thought the problem was that she hadn't been able to finish her craft, and kept explaining that she could finish it at home. Finally, climbing into her car seat, she managed to explain the reason doing it at Sunday School was the only acceptable option: Through her tears she choked out, "B-b-b-but...THEY have p-p-p-PURPLE glue!" Have you seen the purple glue sticks? They bring joy to a young monkey's heart.

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  1. haha! my 4 year old was going on and on about her purple glue! haven't you heard, purple,its the new white!


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