10 September 2009

I knew we kept him for a reason...

Sunday night I heard something going on with Monkey #3 that made me laugh. Monkey #1 was in the kitchen with me, and I said "I'm so glad God gave us Monkey #3! I know some days he really frustrates you, but, mostly aren't you glad God gave him to us?"

To which Monkey #1 solemnly replied "Yes, because he makes noises I've never heard before."



  1. aw you're post made me giggle to myself. really it did!

    i wanted to say Thanks for the compliments on WATF blog post! I had a great time shooting such a wonderful family! I really enjoy your blog post! And you have such a gorgeous blog layout too! You can always check in with my site or blog to see if there are specials on photo session for your family or photography tips if you're an inspiring photographer yourself. Anyways, thanks again for the kind words!


    Christa Sherrard


  2. Indiana! i'm trying to make my rounds to each state...i am trying to get out of town and shoot as much as i can. i hope to make it there! i'd gladly take your family pics!


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