19 September 2009

A Lantern Named Jack (I Think)

We made a quick trip to the grocery store the other day, and of course (it being September) the first thing we saw walking in was a large display of Fall-type-stuff, including several large pumpkins. Which Monkey1 immediately decided he had to have, "To make a scarecrow head thing." Yes, he meant a Jack-o-lantern. Not sure where he learned about those, because we haven't carved one in this family since before Monkey1 arrived in the world. But it seemed like a good idea, one of those fun family bonding things, so I dutifully selected a pumpkin and carted it home.

Saturday was The Day. First, we had to gut the pumpkin (it wasn't as traumatic as it sounds):

Monkey1 decided on square eyes, which he wanted to carve himself. Monkey2 watched intently.

The eyes were carefully extracted:

He was very pleased with himself. Maybe he has a future in ophthamology?
We hope not. The Mad Scientist needed a break to regroup:

Monkey1 proceeded to explain, in great detail and with much finger waving to demonstrate the correct shape, exactly how he wanted the mouth to look. (He did not want to do that part himself. Apparently, dentistry isn't his thing.)

It turns out he wanted the mouth to be a simple crescent, sans teeth. The Mad Scientist decided he was up for the task. Monkey1 supervised:

Three fine-looking men:

And the coolest night-light ever!

(Don't worry, we only left it on for a few minutes, and it was up on the eight-foot shelf where no one could reach it. Because Mama pointed out that Monkey3 would have no problem climbing up on top of the armoire if we left it there. Because he does that all the time anyway. A disaster was averted, and everyone went to bed to dream sweet dreams of toasting pumpkins and cheery smiles in the dark.)

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  1. It looks like they had a lot of fun! When are you going to get a facebook account?! -Elizabeth # 1 :-)


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