06 September 2009


Thursday night the Mad Scientist and I noticed that the chrysalis was becoming transparent. Can you see the pattern of the wings? Please excuse the photo quality; I'm working with a very small camera.
By Friday morning, the butterfly was successfully hatched (see fantastic photos of that process here). (I can't tell you how huge a sigh of relief I breathed!). We were just in time to watch the wings finish unfolding. I had put a small dish of water in the jar the night before, but it never seemed interested in going down. Very shortly it began circling the waxed paper over the top, and I announced that it was time to release the butterfly! Monkey #1 helped it climb out of the jar:

It wasn't in a hurry to fly off, so he got to examine it. He was very intent about this, as about most things:

It sat for a while, stretching its wings, feeling the breeze and warming itself in the sun:

We thought maybe it would like to get a drink from the flowers, so Monkey #1 held it near them:

It stretched its wings a few more times, and then flew to the top of our maple tree to soak up the sunshine. After about a half hour I noticed it had flown off. We wished it a safe and happy journey to Mexico!

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