08 September 2009

One proud mama

My sweet daughter, Monkey #2, has a close and loving relationship with the dirt in my flower beds. A few days ago she walked in completely COVERED with it, and I couldn't resist snapping a few photos:

Hello, Monkeybean! My goodness, HOW did you get so filthy??

Never mind, it's always the same old story. Wow, you are really styling today! How about posing for me?

Ok, I turned off the flash! I promise, no more flash.

That's beautiful. One more smile!

Lovely my dear. I'm sure you have a wonderful career ahead of you. That pose is just stunning.

Who could resist this (dirty) face? :-)

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  1. Love the dirt! Isn't is GREAT to be a kid?

    Happy TTT. Thanks for participating in the laughs :)

  2. Those are some fantastic shots! It's obvious she loves playing as much as she loves getting her picture taken! Very adorable!


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