28 October 2009

Career Change

So, today as we were loading into the car for a routine doctor's visit (from which I returned with one angry five-year-old, and one screaming three-year-old, both of whom got shots, but never mind the details of why I wanted a gin and tonic at 11 o'clock this morning. I'll just add, we had to hold them both down, and Monkey2 screamed for 20 minutes AFTER IT WAS ALL OVER.) Anywho, as we were loading into the car, I had a lovely conversation with Monkey1, who received a pirate hat, eyepatch, and earring for his birthday. (He has barely removed them at all since). He, I was informed, wants to be a pirate until he is "a hundred!"

"Oh!" I replied (this is usually safe). "And what will you do when you're one hundred and one?"

"Not ONE hundred" he corrected, "A hundred."

"Oh, ok, then what will you do when you're A hundred and one?"

And he answered, "Volunteer!"

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