13 October 2009

Les Petites Artistes

My mother has been visiting the last few days, which means the Monkeys have gotten to do crafts nearly every day for a week. I wasn't sure they would let her leave. :-)

Today my oldest two asked if they could paint, and I decided I could handle watercolors. Monkey1 has turned out some really fantastic (in my totally unbiased opinion) paintings of animals over the last few days, thanks to some guidance from this book. Today he decided to try rabbits:
He's been told he must give up his pacifier when he turns five. That's in a bit less than two weeks. I fully expect him to take up pipe smoking the day after his birthday.

He's very pleased with his new-found ability, and informed me today multiple times (and with great delight) that he is An Artist. The paper became a less-than-fully-engaging medium after a short while:

Monkey2 was inspired:
She very delicately and deliberately painted her whole face red, from hairline to jaw.

I drew the line (get it? haha) at letting them paint their hair, however. I told Monkey1 I didn't know if the paint would wash out, and he's going to be getting pictures taken very soon, so I want his hair to look nice. He said "I don't want my hair to look nice. I want to paint it, so it will look even better than nice." Maybe I should have let him. Pictures are supposed to capture memories, after all... :-)

We also assembled our new vacuum during naptime. I thought two helpful monkeys was probably all I could handle. They're all thouroughly enthralled with the new toy, and vacuumed the rug for me. I rescued the vacuum before they destroyed anything vital, so it was a good time all around.

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