21 October 2009

Daily Life With Monkey3

Wishing Kristin over at We Are THAT Family a very happy 2nd blogiversary. Here's my post on just ONE of the reasons that we are THAT family too...

Monkey3 is...sometimes a bit of a challenge. Well, actually, I told someone at MOPS the other day that "He is my 'strong-willed child.'" Which is ridiculous, because Monkey1 and Monkey2 have wills that are plenty strong. But my beloved third child? He's the only one who's ever tried to climb the drainpipes...or the fence around the yard...or, well, here I'll show you. First of all, he's really strong. I mean, his upper-body strength always surprises me. Which is probably why he can climb the fence with so little trouble:

Then, there's this. I'm going to have to stop calling him "Fat Baby."

Note the sopping wet cuffs. Because water is for wading in. Also, apparently, the hamper is there for his amusement, and clothes (clearly) are meant to be worn. He's not particular as to how, but he's very pleased with himself!

Oh wait, can't you see what that is? Lucky for you he turned around and took off for more interesting things in the middle of that particular photo shoot. Here you go:

Those would be his big brother's skivvies. They make such a fantastic hat. (Incidentally, I refuse to take any further responsibility for the fact that there is laundry, both dirty and clean, scattered all over my house All The Time. It's Monkey3's fault.) Tonight, he tried to climb into the dirty dish bin. He spent five minutes ascertaining that he could not push his head through the bottom:

I'll leave you with one last photo. I have to say, first, that the Mad Scientist doesn't really approve of photos of babies less than fully clothed. But when Monkey3 climbed out of the tub, donned his brother's snow boot (singular) and decided to head out for a walk, I HAD to grab the camera. It simply couldn't be helped:



  1. Ha! I love it! Hilarious!
    Thanks for playing along!

  2. Duct tape usually keeps clothes on young 'uns. (Usually, that is)


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