24 October 2009

My Lesson For the Day

You know how They say that you learn something new every day? Well.

Today, I learned that, should one's middle child come running in a tizzy and rather upset because her younger sibling "is bothering all of our beautiful things!", and should one ascertain that said beautiful things include a large portion of the living room furniture, one should not assume that the middle child is merely being a pill and not wanting her sibling to climb on the furniture. Oh no.

Because it is entirely within the realm of possibility that what she actually means is, that Monkey3 has appropriated an entire stick of butter, and is carefully smearing it throughout the house. And all over the living room furniture.

Now, where else in life will this lesson be applicable? I shudder to think.

1 comment:

  1. oh my!! NOOOOO!!!! What a lesson learned!!
    We've had hands stuck in the butter and smeared on the counter, but for now, it has stayed in the kitchen.


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