21 November 2009

Let's Hear from Someone Else on Biblical Marriage

In this discussion, I have been wishing for a good example of a marriage where both husband and wife fulfill their roles.  This article from No Greater Joy is such an example.

Here, here and here are articles discussing the problems with The Patriarchy Movement, as it relates to children.  One thing I love about the Pearls is, they don't pull any punches, but tell it just like it is.  Especially note this paragraph in the last article:
Now, I would like to deal with the issue of balance. Published truth is too often delivered like a pendulum; it swings from side to side, extreme to opposite extreme, always seeking rest. Each person receiving it is responsible to assimilate the whole spectrum and to strike a balance. That is the continual challenge of one’s intellectual existence.
 Italics are mine.

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