03 November 2009

Your Pardon, Faithful Blog-readers

Remember that trip to the doctor's office? That was last Wednesday. Thursday, Monkey1 and Monkey3 were both running fevers. (Fortunately, Monkey2 was fine, or I would have been certain it was the fault of the vaccine). Then, they started coughing. Then on Friday, I started coughing. Saturday I felt really tired...of course, that's kind of a constant in my life, so I only really notice it in retrospect these days. But Monkey2 and I both stayed in bed on Sunday...and most of the day Monday. So I'm emerging from about three days of feeling totally completely wiped out...and I have a company coming tonight. Fortunately, all my friends know that my house usually looks like a cyclone just went through, so it's no big deal. But in case you were wondering why I suddenly dropped off the face of the blogging earth, well, there you go.

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