11 December 2009

Anatomy of a Tantrum

It's important to recognize a tantrum quickly, because the sooner you can intervene, the more likely you are to be able to head it off.  So, for the good of mankind, here is the basic progession to look for - First, the child will fling himself on the floor (occasionally checking first to be sure the landing will be soft, but not necessarily).  Note the glance to be sure I am paying attention:

Next, the child will gasp, scream, weep, and possibly flail, as though he has completely lost the ability to control himself, and is simply overcome by the injustice of the situation:

Don't allow yourself to be taken in, however.  He is not, in fact, overcome and lost to the world because of the depth of feeling your injustice has provoked.  He will prove this by attempting to prevent documentation of the aforementioned ridiculous behaviour (naturally without breaking character as the most put upon child in the history of mankind.  I'm dealing with a professional here.) by looking away from the camera (only after he is sure you are watching):

That's ok though.  I have enough evidence to wreak my revenge, as soon as he starts dating... (insert evil chuckle here).

For the record, I try to stop the tantrums as the child is en route to the floor, in step one.  Not succeeding at that, completely ignoring them is my next coping mechanism of choice.  Or, occasionally, grabbing the camera.  What I do NOT do, is run around in a panic, trying to fix whatever started the tantrum. 

I'm still learning how to deal with these.  Monkeys 1 and 2 didn't pitch fits like this.  I really need to perfect my technique quickly though, because they've started indicating some interest in trying Monkey3's method. 
Any advice will be appreciated, pondered, and possibly even followed.  :-)

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  1. Hmmm, it usually goes down differently in our house. Usually it's ME on the floor pitchin' a fit and the kids watch me in disbelief ;)

    Really, I don't have much advice, sorry! :)


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