08 December 2009

Burning a Hole in his Pocket

There is a private preschool near us that does a consignment sale fundraiser twice a year.  It's a really nice set up, because the consignors get a bit more for their things than they probably would at a yard sale, and the preschool has built up the reputation of the sale enough that it's become pretty popular.  They go over each item and reject any that are stained or extremely worn, so people know when they shop there they will be able to get a good bargain on nice things.  Mostly I just hope I'll make enough money to cover what I spend.

The sale happens twice a year, spring and fall.  I have had a large toy in my house, which finally made it out to the fall sale this year.  It was big, and one of the type that makes noises (I can't stand noise-making toys; I really believe they're the bane of parents everywhere, and can't understand why so many get sold.  Who buys these things?), and I had stashed it in an out-of-the-way corner just waiting for the sale to come along.  I planned to sneak it out to the car, with no monkey the wiser.  They hadn't seen it, or asked for it, for six months at least.  Well.

I didn't get it out to the car the night before the sale drop-off.  And Monkey1 had a total meltdown when he saw it on the way out the door.  I was running late, so the Mad Scientist was left to deal with it.  I had an attack of MommyGuilt on the way there, however, and called home.  "Sweetheart" I said in my most reasonable voice, "you haven't seen or played with this thing for months, and you never missed it.  We don't have room for it."  Etc., etc., because Monkey1 was undeterred.  He wanted to his large, noisy toy back, and was completely unswayed by my pleading reasoning.  Until I hit on the magic words.  "I think I can get a lot of money for it at the sale." I told him.  And just like that, he said "Ok."  And that discussion was over.

I had already told him that he could have the money for any of his toys he was willing to part with.  Those, together with the one I failed to be stealthy enough with, added up to about $20 once the consignor's fees were subtracted.  Monkey1 also got some money for his birthday, and he has been just itching to spend his wealth ever since.

First he wanted Diesel10, from Thomas the Tank Engine.  Then he wanted a racing car track from Wal-Mart, which I vetoed in spite of his assurance that he wouldn't mind if it broke within days of the purchase.  He simply couldn't wait to spend this money (in his defense, it's the first time he's had money of his own.  And he did very cheerfully put slightly more than 10% in the Salvation Army bucket for his tithe).  And so when he began pleading to be allowed to purchase yet another really cool thing he couldn't live without, the Mad Scientist and I finally gave in:

He's very, very pleased with his new toy, and I'm relieved that I don't have to hear any more about what he wants to buy.

He's actually been sharing very nicely with his brother and sister as well.  And I suspect that the Mad Scientist is really quite pleased with the way it has all worked out...

Just a hunch.  :-)

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