15 December 2009

Christmas Letter

I know there are mixed feelings regarding Christmas letters.  I have always enjoyed getting them, seeing pictures of each family, and reading their news.  Maybe my parents' friends just didn't take many exotic vacations, but I've never seen them as simply a platform for bragging.  Rather, it was a nice way to catch up one's entire circle of family and friends, without having to write "Jimmy lost his first tooth!" twenty times in a row.

The first year we were married we were far too broke to contemplate sending any sort of Christmas card or letter to all our friends and family.  The second year, I went a little crazy and handmade over fifty Christmas cards, sending each one out with at least a small note.  That was before I had children.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and of course the Mad Scientist started grad school the next year, so the combination of a tight budget (again) and knowing there was no way I could possibly replicate my feat of the previous year meant that I actually haven't sent out anything at all for...four years now.  Is that right?  Wow, that's atrocious.  No wonder none of our friends send us a card anymore.

But this year, big changes are in the air, so I bought some Christmas stationary and wrote a letter, just a quick update, to let everyone know what is going on in our lives.  I hope we hear back from them.  My mailbox has been looking so forlorn, with nothing in it but bills and junk mail...

Here's my Christmas letter (names have been changed to protect the guilty parties)

Dear friends and family,
                Our life has felt like a slow plodding the last few years, trudging along through the morass of grad school.  Much like the wise men, we have traveled such a tremendous distance, trusting that God had put us here for a reason, and that we were following his leading.  Suddenly, the end has appeared, and we have moved into a frenetic pace where everything must be done yesterday.  It’s exhausting, and somewhat frightening.  Six months ago I knew what my future looked like – an indefinite period of long hours and little pay, small children, and a perpetually messy house (despite my best efforts).  It was difficult, but there was joy there too, day to day, and at least I knew what to expect.  Now everything is uncertain, and I’m reminding myself that this is a time for excitement, and not panic!
                The Mad Scientist meets with his committee this week to ask, “If I ask you to marry me, will you say ‘yes’?”  (I was the last person he said that to.)  In other words, if he presents his thesis, will they graduate him?  We expect the answer to be yes, and he is actually scheduled to walk in the graduation ceremony on Sunday.  It’s marking, not quite the end, but the beginning of the end of this chapter in our lives. 
                He has been offered a post-doctorate position in Germany.  We will leave in early March and be gone approximately 3 months.  I will return at the end of May for my youngest brother’s wedding, and the Mad Scientist will be home soon thereafter.  We have no idea what is happening after that, and would appreciate your prayers in that area.
                All the children are well, and growing up so quickly.  Monkey1 was 5 in October, Monkey2 will be 4 in July, and Monkey3, my little Wild Man, will be 2 in March.  I started home schooling Monkey1 this year.  It was the only logical response to his perpetual questions, and really just put an official title on what I was already doing.
                I started a blog several months ago, and if you’d like more frequent updates on our life, that is the place to check.  The address is www.kitchensinkinc.blogspot.com.
                We have been blessed so much with family and good friends.  We think and speak of each one of you often, and hope you will take time to send some news our way, as you are able.

The Rambling Housewife

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  1. He's getting married?!?! Good heavens :P


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