03 December 2009

Thinking Through the Options

Monkey1 likes to contemplate things, and think through everything carefully.  He doesn't like being rushed, or having to make snap decisions.  (He takes after the Mad Scientist that way.  I am the snap decision maker in the family.)  So it was not completely a surprise tonight when he announced to the Mad Scientist a decision he has apparently come to on his own, after much pondering.

They were in the bathroom at Chick-Fil-A (WHY do these sorts of conversations always happen in public restrooms?!) where he had refused to use the urinal.  Now, this oldest son of ours has been presented with two options (one from each parent) for cleaning his equipment after he's done using it.  After seating himself on the throne he solemnly announced that, when he makes "tinkle,"

"I really prefer to wipe, instead of just shake off the drips.  Toilet paper is more useful, and quicker."

I swear that's practically word for word, and coming so very seriously out of a five-year-old, that's pretty funny.  I will just add that, as the parent who does the laundry, I'm very pleased with his decision.  Isn't life with boys fun?  :-D

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  1. We have the opposite problem here! The little girls have witnessed teddy going to the bathroom, and now they only want to "wiggle!". BTW- since you're not on facebook, I'll let you know on there that Monkey #6 for our family is on the way in July :-)


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