19 January 2010

Another day in the life of me

The Monkeys are all downstairs watching Bob the Builder build an Eco-home.  And speaking of that, I have found a new dream house.  How beautiful is that?  I love it!  (Yes, I'm serious.  I absolutely would love to live in a house like this.  The Mad Scientist says that maybe we could build an outbuilding, a sort of small barn, for the children, and keep the house for ourselves.)

Today, Lora Lynn made me laugh at the idea of Abraham pulling up his Big Boy Underoos.  A timely reminder to let go, and let God.

I needed that, because I spent a lot of time today, flipping through stories like this with the children, crying for the people of Haiti.  We have a sponsored child in Haiti (I use the term "child" loosely; he's 18) named Jackson.  Monkey2 has decided we need to buy a really long rope, to stretch to Haiti and bring him here to live.  Last night she acquired an invisible friend named Jackson.  She's taking very good care of him.

Tonight I am grateful for my warm home, my beautiful children, my wonderful husband, and our country, which while not perfect, still affords us peace and security in a measure about which many others can only dream. 

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