05 January 2010

Be it here resolved that...

Five days into the new year, and I'm a bit behind.  Can I get a shout out from other stay-at-home moms?

I'm still thinking about changes I'd like to see this year. To start with, two days ago I sat down and made out a menu for the entire month.  Then I bought almost all the ingredients at Aldi's.  (Better eating and keeping the budget, check.)  Don't you love New Year's Resolutions?  {insert sound of chirping crickets}

Yeah, me too.  And to be honest, I've never made any before this year.  But we have reached a cross-roads in our lives, and are fortunate that it is one we can recognize before getting to the other side.  It seemed like a good time to stop, evaluate, and think through any changes we would like to make.  But I'm new to the whole "resolution" scene, so tell me, what is the best way to make changes?  Do you like to jump in with both feet, and will a drastic overhaul be maintainable long-term?  Or do you prefer to start slow (and how do you keep from puttering to a stand-still)?  What is your best advice for making permanent change in one's life?

(The standard caveats when requesting advice can be seen at the end of this post)  :-)

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  1. I've tried to "jump in" and am "taking it slow" LOL I guess it depends on the resolution as to which way I approach it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)


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