21 January 2010

A funny family story

Reading Dandy's post over at Spontaneous Clapping, about her difficulties choosing a Twitter name, reminded me of this story:

My dad's father always used to say, that what is supposed to be will be.  Shortly after my grandfather died, my dad got a new truck and decided on a vanity plate.  To remember his dad he wanted it to say "Supposed to be", but of course that wouldn't fit.  He shortened it to "Supzed2B."  Every time I saw it, all I could think was "'S'up, Z?"  Very homeboy, but not really what my dad was going for.  Then one day, he and my mother were sitting in a parking lot, having a Major Disagreement.  About 20 minutes into this "discussion" someone knocked on his window...

It was a lady, who, when he opened the window, said "I can't stand it anymore, you have to tell me what that license plate is supposed to say!"  :-D

Now his plate says "Sposd2B," or something along those lines.  Much easier to decipher!

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  1. I read this over there (SC) and wanted to tell you I thought it was so cute. Hopefully it was just the tension breaker they needed. :) What a funny lady!


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