08 January 2010

Just your typical day...

Nothing much going on here.  This morning I told Monkey3 he had to quit nursing around 6 (I have no idea what time he climbed into our bed), prompting a fit, so we all got up about 6:30 (resolution to get up earlier - check)  Breakfast with the Mad Scientist was a nice out-of-the-ordinary feature of the morning.  I checked my e-mail, and was stunned to see that the rather irate e-mail I fired off to a legislator had actually generated a (rather irate) personal response.  (Get more involved with politics - check.  Do it politely - needs work). 

7:00 - The Mad Scientist shoveled the walk while I tried to determine what Monkey1 would eat, so he would stop being crabby.  Monkey3 wanted to go out and play in the snow, so I had to pause breakfast preparations to get him suited up and outside.  I began formulating my reply to the legislator, reiterating my opinion in greater detail, but more politely.  Monkey2 woke up, also crabby and hungry.  At ten to eight, the optometrist's office called to schedule my eye appointment.  What doctor's office calls at ten to eight!?

8:00 - I sat down to type out my reply.  Monkey3 wanted to come in.  Monkey2 lay on the floor, whining that she didn't like any breakfast options, but still insisting I feed her.  I ignored her and continued my political activism.

8:30 - Phone rang, and it was a friend telling me that the legislator's bill, to which I had objected, has not been voted on yet, so there is a point to continuing to type up a reply.  I have one week to make some kind of impression.  It's worth a try.  Monkey2 finally decided what she wanted to eat.  Monkey1 needed help getting his snowclothes on.

9:00 - Breakfast preparations interrupted yet again to help Monkey1 get up without ruining his snow angel.  Monkey3 decides to go back out.  Monkey2 wants to join them, but is told she cannot go out with nothing on but a snowsuit.  I sit down to research and type a bit more, while she processes this information.

9:30 - Monkey2 has used the potty (resolution: save my sanity - check), but still objects to clothing under the snow suit.  I stand firm.  Monkey3 is cold and needs to come in, so I unsuit him yet again.  He decides to get out the playdough.

10:00 - Playdough is not sufficiently engaging this morning.  Monkey1 comes back in and asks for legos, but doesn't want to share them.  Monkey2 finally gets all her clothes on, so I help her suit up and go outside.  Playdough put away, legos come out.  Then I have to run out to the car to bring in the Christmas legos.  I suit myself up (less thouroughly than the children.  I'm not crazy enough to stay out in the snow longer than I have to)

10:30 - Everyone back inside and fed, they all settle down with the legos.  I type, revise, and revise again, determined to make my point politely, but thoroughly.  I include links to research.  I quote her response.

One hour later, I realize that a career as a political activist may be too much at this stage in my life, as I finally send off my (much revised) reply.  No wonder I never get any "real" writing done.  Letters to legislators take a lot of time! 

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