28 January 2010

Randomness of the highest order

Last night (really late) I downloaded all the pictures off my camera.  Wow, that was LONG overdue!  So, in no particular order, here are the ones that don't really go anywhere else:


This is Monkey3, taking a nap with the cat.  I had to take a picture, because normally Thorvald runs away when Monkey3 decide to cuddle with him.  It's all well-intentioned (Monkey3 really does love animals), but things get a little rough.  So this was sweet.  I think Thorvald has figured out that Monkey3 really doesn't mean anything by it.  Today he was nesting on my bed, and when Monkey3 climbed up to say hello he started purring.  He ran away, but he was purring.  :-)

This is in the car on the way to PA over Christmas break.  Totally gratuitous Monkey3 shot.  He's so cute!

The monkeys, "flying a mission" with their daddy.  It's some new computer game the Mad Scientist has found, with which Monkey1 is completely in love.  I'm treated to a chorus of "Yes!  I blew up the enemy!  Look out!  Can we land on the aircraft carrier?"    The only redeeming factor is, the Mad Scientist didn't want to actually buy the game, and the demo only works for 20 minutes.  Built in automatic shut-off is a happy thing, for computer games!
Yesterday we went to Wal-mart.  I have discovered these small wooden models in the craft department.  They only cost 88 cents each.  Monkeys 1 and 2 bought 2 each, with their own money!  So we got out the paint.  Unfortunately, I didn't put it away when Monkey3 got up from his nap...so while they finished painting, he carefully unscrewed the top of the silver paint, and carefully poured it all over the paint box and his high chair.  Mostly in the paint box, so it wasn't too bad to clean up.  And the older monkeys did a very nice job painting their models.


Then yesterday evening, Bestemor called to see if she could read to Monkey1.  They are reading The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet together.  Since the Mad Scientist wasn't home yet (with the computer, for Skype), she read to him over speaker phone.  He sat and listened to two chapters before she had to go!

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