21 February 2010

Easy Fix

Children (I was going to specify mine, but I'm pretty certain it's an across-the-board phenomenon) are hard on their clothes.  It's unfortunate that, when the clothes wear out, there's usually still a whole lot of good fabric in them.  I have a hard time throwing that away, so lots of things wind up in my mending pile...where they usually aren't rediscovered until the child in question has moved on to the next size(at least).

BUT I had a friend who came over last week, and actually offered to help me with a project around the house.  And after I trucked her through the house, opening doors that guests are typically not allowed to look behind, and confessing my sins, she helped me start to sort through some things.  I was SO inspired that when she left I kept going.  I'll show you the results another time (when there's a little more to see), but the point of this post was to say, I unburied Monkey2's favourite jeans while I was organizing:


They were stuffed in a bag in the corner of my craft room, together with the iron-on patches I bought to fix them.
It was a six-month and five-minute long project, and Monkey2 was very pleased.  If you eliminated the stuffing-into-a-corner part, it would be a fast, cheap, super easy way to fix a pair of pants.


  1. Hey there. My dd4 completely refuses to wear pants so I have taken some of ds7's outgrown jeans and cut them off to make skirts. Then I take cute but stained shirts and cut appliques out and iron them on. Cute but cheap. But I totally can relate to the stuck in a pile for 6 months thing.


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