20 February 2010

Learning New Things

You'll never guess what I have to share with you tonight!  Well, yes, it's another story about Monkey3.  You could at least PRETEND to be surprised.  How about pleased?  Can I get some excitement?  Good, you on the left!  Thank-you!

So, I was in the living room the other day...or, well, wherever I was, it wasn't the kitchen, and I heard Monkey1 and Monkey2 calling me in panicked voices.  Which isn't always, necessarily, a cause for concern.  But then I realized, they were in a panic about something related to Monkey3's activity.  So I listened carefully to ascertain what level of alarm needed to be reached, and how quickly I needed to get there.

"Mama!  Monkey3 is pretending to cook himself eggs!!  Don't worry though, the burner isn't on!"

Oh, well then, that's not really a prob...wait, is he using real eggs?!?

Well naturally.  Why on earth would he have dropped a pretend egg in the pan, when the refrigerator is right there?  When I walked into the kitchen there he was, happily stirring his eggs around the frying pan with my spatula:


So...I turned on the burner.  I mean, what else was there to do, really?  And he was so pleased with his eggs that he cooked all by himself!  
And I was left with this:

Only I've realized since then that actually letting him cook the eggs may have been a small miscalculation, because now it's his favourite activity.  And I have this sort of mess to clean up on a pretty regular basis.  Also, we're going through a lot of eggs.


  1. It even looks like he managed to get all the eggs in the pan and not on the counter. Did he get shells in the pan??

  2. Actually, he didn't get any shells in the pan that first time! But on subsequent attempts, he hasn't done so well. :-)


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