05 February 2010

A Monkey's-eye View

Monkey1 really likes to take pictures.  So it wasn't too surprising, the last time I downloaded pictures, to find a few I didn't remember taking.  They have a nice, abstract quality about them, and I like having this little insight into how the world looks to him.  Pardon the following assault on your eyeballs..


This is the bottom half of their "school bus."  The bus came into being early on in our school year, when I was informed that they wanted to go to school so they could ride the bus.  Prompted by my favorite photographer (who has since changed jobs, and is sorely missed!!) I gave them a large box and let them paint their own bus.  They decided it was a city bus, so should be blue, and played in it happily until I tripped over it one too many times, and it went to the large playroom in the sky.

The alphabet playmat I bought at a yardsale.  I paid $5.  I thought it would make a great "rug" for their play area, which it would have if they had left it on the floor.  It looked a bit too much like a puzzle to convince them that it was actually intended to be a floor covering, and so this, also, is no longer with us.  I gave it to Goodwill, and the beauty of thrifting most things is, when they outlive their usefulness, I don't feel a need to hang on to them just because of the money I spent.  I definitely think we got $5 worth of playtime out of that mat.

Pillow on the sofa.  I have no idea why.  Perhaps Monkey1 was still in his sleeping-on-the-couch phase at this point?  

Dust rag, containing what appears to be actual dust smears.  I wonder who on earth put those there?

A gift from the monkey's aunt, and one of their favourite toys.  Notice, it's the only thing that he's looked down at, so far.  Do you remember when the world was mostly over your head?

Something they see all too frequently, I'm afraid.  Ah, well.  Wow, is that an unflattering angle, or what?  Just for the record (why am I always saying that when I put up pictures of myself??) I don't think that is a very good representation of what I actually look like.  I must have been focusing hard on something!

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