01 February 2010

The power of words

I am totally and completely stealing this post from Bonita...

Sorry!  But this gave me goosebumps, and it seemed easier to post the video here, than to send everyone there a follow another link.  I hope that was ok.  Anyway, here it is:

On another note, this post, over at Domestic Dissident, accomplished something I thought was not possible, which was to make me want to read the Twilight series.  I haven't yet, but I'm thinking about it...

And this post, which I found by following a link from We Are THAT Family, also made me cry.  As did this one, from the same blog.  It's called Holy Experience, and I'm adding it to my sidebar.  It's been a very cathartic afternoon, on-line.  Back to my laundry now!

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