07 February 2010

Should this worry me?

A few days ago I was called into the kitchen by frantic shouts of "Monkey3 is into the butter!"  (WHAT is it with this child and the butter?!)  I arrived to find that "into" was a fairly accurate description.  He had GOBS of it all over his hands, and was doing his best to rub it in like hand-creme.  In the process, he was dropping chunks of butter all over his pants, the chair, and the floor.  And just look what he did to the bread!

I'm guessing he's not going to have a career in surgery.  Can you imagine?!

Do you remember this post, wherein I discussed why ophthalmology is probably not the best career choice for Monkey1?  Don't you just wonder what they're actually going to end up doing?  I'm waiting with bated breath.  :-)

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  1. OH that is so funny! When I was a kid I climbed up on the table and ate a whole stick of butter. LOL!
    And I love it to this day!!
    Happy Friday and thanks for linking up!


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