04 February 2010

Something Lighthearted (for a change)

Is anyone else tired of all the depressing stuff I've been blogging about lately?

Good.  How about some Monkey Moments?

The day the Mad Scientist walked in his graduation ceremony was a Sunday.  He was ushering during second service at our church.  I hate sitting by myself, so usually when he does this (every three months, for the whole month, I think) we go to first service together.  Then he ushers during second service, and I either find a quiet corner and knit, or hang out in the book store nook and read.  It's a great system. 

This particular Sunday, I decided, was extra special.  We've spent FIVE YEARS getting to this point.  So during second service I went home to put on some make-up, and generally tried to go the extra mile to look special for his big day.  This took me the entire hour.  (I'm a bit out of practice with the cosmetics.)

I picked everyone up as the service was ending.  The children didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, 'til I leaned in to buckle them into their car seats.  Monkey2 looked carefully at my face, and then said "Mama, why are your lips all red?" 

"Because" I replied, "I painted them."

"Why did you do that?"  She asked.  Fair question.

"To make them look pretty." I answered.  Then I made my fatal error.  "Did it work?" I queried.

She examined my face once more, carefully, then sweetly replied "I don't think so."

So much for sprucing up a bit.  This afternoon, Monkey1 decided he is going to be a cowboy.  (He was looking at The Pioneer Woman's mustang photos over my shoulder at the time.  Yet another good reason to read her site.)  Monkey2 promptly decided that sounded like a wonderful career choice; she would be a cowboy as well.  For this, I was informed, she would require "a cowboy hat, a bull whip..., and a horse."  I'm still trying to decide if I should be concerned that the bull whip is essential, while cows, apparently, are not.


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