26 February 2010

Spending time with my people

I am exhausted.  Totally wiped out.  The source of this tremendous lack of energy?  I spent the whole day without my children.

Today, the Mad Scientist and I went to Indianapolis for the IAHE homeschooling conference.  It was great.  I walked in the doors, and there were homeschoolers everywhere.  I felt immediately out of place, since I was not wearing jeans, nor a full-length skirt.  I instead had opted for a knee-length skirt, and felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.  But oh well; no one else seemed to notice.

We attended workshops all day, and wandered through the exhibit hall in between times.  I looked at books and curriculum 'til I was cross-eyed.  I also got to visit with a friend (more a friend of my parents, but that's a minor point) whom I haven't seen in ages and ages.  Maybe I'll post pictures tomorrow.  I didn't take any today.  I was too busy deciding what curriculum I'm going to use for next year.  Or not use.  As the case may be.

More on that tomorrow.

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