17 February 2010

Wasted Space

This post is brought to you by Works For Me Wednesday (hosted by Kristin at We Are THAT Family), and my mother, who taught me to find a use for what would otherwise be wasted space.

My refrigerator has really been bothering me lately.  It has become a catch-all message board, and frankly was contributing to my stress levels.  Then, about two weeks ago, several things in my life came together to form the perfect solution.

First, I have been reading The Nester for a while now, and love that she just whips out her hot glue gun to solve so many problems around the house.  Inspiring!

Then, I remembered that I had several corkboard tiles in my craft room, that I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago "because you never know when they might come in handy...and what a great deal!"  (I get that from my dad.  Genetics played a strong role in this project as well.)

And I noticed an empty space where they would fit in just right, but be easy to hide:


See?  It's perfect!  Who would ever guess at the disaster that lies within?

Project Specs:  I measured the inside width and cut the tiles using my exacto knife (a gift from my husband who managed to prove that there was, indeed, something he could buy me at Lowe's that I would be excited to receive.) and a cutting mat and ruler that are meant for quilting.  After the tiles were cut, I used the glue gun to stick them to the cabinet doors.  It took approximately ten minutes, total.  Probably a bit less.  Then I pulled out the cute ladybug pushpins I bought at Wal-Mart, and went to town.  Most of the refrigerator contents ended up in this cupboard.  The rest are in my spice cabinet:


For that one, I just used the full tiles.  I plan to keep recipes there for spice blends that I use on a regular basis:

The refrigerator isn't perfectly clean, but it's SO much better!

Contents:  Magnetic Poetry Green Pack, two sponsored children's photos, and some magnets my kids like to play with.  110% improvement.  Can you imagine how it looked before, with all that other stuff all over it?  Horrible!  Corkboard inside the cupboards definitely works for me!!

ETA:  I should note that the cork boards do occasionally get a bit loose and threaten to fall, but then I just plug in the glue gun and stick them back up wherever they need it.  It only takes a minute.  And it's reassuring to know that, if I want to, it's easy to get them down.


  1. what a great idea. The inside of cupboard doors is such an under utilized space. I am looking at my cupboards right now wondering what I can put where. HMMMMM

  2. LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing! It would be nice to finally clean off my fridge! I tried moving stuff to the side of my fridge, but it still bugs me :) Also, this idea is great for those who have stainless steel appliances since they aren't magnetic on the front.

  3. Wow, this is really smart! I especially like how you pinned up that little spice packet. Mine are always getting lost, LOL!

  4. I use the inside of my cabinets too and also the inside of the pantry.


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