30 March 2010

So, how's life?

Not much is going on in my life right now...

That's short-hand for "I just packed my soul-mate off the other side of the world for three months, and I'm planning to not think about anything except how I'm getting through the next five minutes, until all the five minute slots before he comes home are used up."

Sort of the equivalent of "I'm fine!  How are you?"

Thanks for asking.  Do you really want to know?  (No one ever does.  Sometimes I give a quick answer that leans toward "Show me if you really care, and I'll really tell you."  I think that scares people.)

And I'm not trying to sound bitter, really.  Just pointing out one of those foibles of humanity, which, really, can be pretty funny.

In the spirit of laughing at the foibles of others, I discovered, this evening, an absolutely hysterical blog.  It's called Stuff Christians Like.  I was led to it by an Amazon recommendation for the book of the same title.  Now that I've e-mailed three different posts to three different people, I thought I'd just put one up for all you anonymous blog readers to enjoy.  This one is really funny.

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