11 March 2010


Chez-moi, reading is a big deal these days.  It's the thing to work on.  So it is not, perhaps, surprising that my sweet middle child has taken to "reading" stories at every opportunity.  First, about two weeks ago I overheard her in the bathtub, getting very upset with her brother because she needed ALL the letters, because she was writing "a very LONG sentence to God!"  Here it is:

Then, she has begun to read stories to her brothers, any time she can get them to sit still and listen.  Since we tend to go over and over and OVER the same books, she does a pretty good job of following the basic story-line, even if she rephrases things here and there.  I'm pretty certain she has her brothers convinced that she's actually reading:

(Sorry about the camera strap across the corner, there.)  The other day she sat down for an impromptu story-time session with Monkey3.  There was no dress-code:

Appropriately enough, the story was Where The Wild Things Are, and I can answer that question:  They're here.  Does anyone else have a Wild Thing or two at their house?

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