23 March 2010

This post is brought to you courtesy of the folks at Vita Familiae

The last time I posted about bodily fluids on my blog was also Lora Lynn's fault.  I take no responsibility.  I think better of these things (no, I really do) and then I head over there and she makes it sound so darn funny I end up thinking "Oh, what the heck!"  And you all suffer the results.

So, what I didn't put in my last post was how my day actually started, which was like this:

At 6 a.m., my alarm went off.  I detached Monkey3 from my chest enough to roll over and hit the snooze button, for which he squawked at me in aggravation.  Like he hadn't been nursing for three hours, at least.

Nine minutes later, I hit the snooze button again, and was just drifting off when Monkey1 walked into our room and announced "I stepped in cat poop with my feet, and my hands, and my knee."

I thought maybe he was sleep-walking.  He does tend to get rather agitated at times, and he talks in his sleep.  The other night he got out of bed, climbed onto Monkey2's bed, and walked the full length of it, then came back down and stood there while I tried to get him back into his own bed.  So the sleep-walking thing wasn't totally unfounded.  Plus, it meant there (probably) wasn't really any cat poop.  I could hope.

"Where was it?" we asked, hoping for an incoherent answer.

"In the kitchen." he replied.

That could have been coherent, but, on the other hand, why on earth would he have been in the kitchen at six a.m?  We persisted with our questions, and he gamely described how he had gone into the bathroom and washed his hands (from which "the poop just fell right off"), but not his feet or his knee.  Hope dimmed, and we realized (after asking him directly and receiving a very annoyed negative) that he was, in fact, not asleep.

Fortunately (for me) I was nursing, so the Mad Scientist got to head down to the kitchen and assess the damage.  But then, Monkey3 decided cat poop was more interesting than nursing, so I ended up cleaning up the mess anyway.  It turned out the be vomit, but my relief was tempered by the fact that, while we'd been trying to determine what, exactly was going on, the cat had vomited yet again, just outside the bedroom.

Good Morning!  It must go up from there, right?  :-)

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