17 March 2010

Thoughts on Healthcare

I was browsing through Ravelry the other day, and happened upon a link to a blog post.  Now, this blog is by a woman with dual American/British citizenship.  She grew up in the US, moved to GB after college, married an Englishman, and then moved back to the States after 15 years.  So her perspective is very different, and I enjoyed her very thoughtful take on the healthcare debate.  I thought you might, as well.

I recommend starting with this post:  This American's Experience of Britain's Healthcare System.  It is excellent.

Then, to help put things into a slightly new perspective, go ahead and read What a Strange School System.  That one really made me stop and think (despite the fact that I don't necessarily agree with the idea of the Federal Government administering the public education system, at least to the extent that it currently does.)

These posts came from the blog Potential and Expectations, which I had never seen before this week, but which I plan to peruse in the future.  It's always nice to get a new perspective.

What do you think?

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