24 April 2010

Many a man's been kilt, for calling it a skirt!

Today we went to the NEFFA folk dance festival.  We watched a sword dance, a morris dance, participated in a circle dance (hard to do with a two-year-old on your hip, I found), and attended workshops on children's folk music, a scottish concert, and drumming. 

We drove about an hour and a half to get there, and it made for a very long, tiring day.  My children were a bit underwhelmed, I think, with being in the car yet again.  The biggest hit of the day was when we got home and they got to sit on Uncle Aaron's motorcycle, and launch rockets with him. 

I had a really good time, however, and am looking forward to the day when I can take my children to such an event and we will all enjoy ourselves.  I love contra-dancing; it's what the Mad Scientist and I did at our wedding, and everyone had a ball.  It is so much fun!!

I just have one more thing to say about the festival:  I have never seen so many men in skirts at one event.  Men in skirts, everywhere!  I don't find skirts that comfortable, and I don't really understand the appeal.  And just to clarify, I do know the difference between a skirt and a kilt, and, while there were several kilts in attendance as well, I am talking about skirts.  Long, ruffled skirts.  Shorter, handkerchief-style skirts.  I don't have a problem with it.  I know that men in lots of other cultures wear skirts (probably by different names).  But I don't understand why they would want to.  I'm certain someone can enlighten me.

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