20 April 2010

The Never-Ending Highway

I pulled in to my in-laws' house at 2 a.m. Monday morning.  I should have arrived (by my calculations, which are sketchy, I admit) between midnight and 1.  I have no idea why I was an hour later than I had expected, except to say the the Pennsylvania Turnpike is a never-ending highway.  Like the loaves and the fishes (as my mother pointed out), it was simply creating more highway beneath my wheels as I drove, because why on earth else would it take me an entire extra hour to drive from Wheeling, W.V, to the Reading exit?

It was ok though, because I stopped at a quick-mart for gas, and bought a bottle of some totally disgusting energy drink that promised me 5 hours of energy, without sugar or caffeine, and no let down at the end.  I have no idea what was in it.  It was "grape" flavoured, tasted totally disgusting, and worked.  I'm trying not to think beyond that, about what I might actually have consumed.  I wouldn't have done it if I were pregnant, but since it's just me we're thinking of here, I decided it was worth it.  I was in possession of a car full of tired, sleeping children, and a cat who had been in his carrier (which he hates) since 8:00 that morning.  We got on the road at noon, and he yowled pretty much non-stop, all the way to PA.  (He hates travelling in the car, too.)

My options were the potion, or a hotel.  And there was no way I was leaving my poor cat in his carrier all night, and no possibility of getting him back in it the next day without one of us being scarred for life.  So I drank it, turned on country radio, and drove.

The Monkeys all woke up about 1:20, not too impressed with the fact that we were still on the road.  I promised them the exit was coming right up, and then told them how their Daddy whips around the curves on 568 whenever we're heading this way.  Always makes me nervous, but it's a road he knows and loves.  I was a bit more circumspect, since I could feel my buzz beginning to wear off.  The last thing I needed at that ridiculous hour, in that situation, was to flip us all off the road.  'Though we were wedged in so tightly with everything we packed, we probably wouldn't have moved at all as the car tumbled down the hill.  Ridiculous.


  1. All you drank was about 2400% of your daily vitamin B. I'm not even exaggerating, I'm pretty sure drank over 24 times your daily vitamin B needs. :)

  2. 2000% of your vitamin B6 and 8333% of your vitamin B12 to be exact. :)

    I love you and can't wait to see you in a few days!

  3. That's how I feel doing the 16 hr drive to NH with the kids every few months- though I have not been brave enough yet to try the energy drink! I read a study a few years back that crunching on baby carrots (or full sized ones) actually wakes up your brain and keeps you alert, so I've driven the trip with a 2 lb bag of baby carrots every time since. So far, it has worked like a charm every time :-)

  4. Carrots would certainly be a healthier option, I'm sure. I couldn't believe how gross that stuff was! Good thing the bottle was small.


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