11 June 2010

I guess I've made my point

I think the one of the most difficult things about trying to combine two households (or, in our case, three) is getting everyone's schedules and preferences to work together.  One area where this difficulty is especially apparent, is food.

When we're at home, we drink milk, and water.  I never buy juice, except very occasionally as a special treat.  I consider it to be an expensive way to consume a lot of calories at once, with minimal health benefits.  We use it when people are sick and struggling to stay hydrated, and that's about it.  So the monkeys have been delighted to have easier access to this since we got to Bestemor and Grandpa's house.

Other things they haven't been so delighted with, and I keep explaining that we don't ask for food, and then not eat it.  This morning, everyone asked for applejuice with their breakfast, so it was with mixed feelings that I heard Monkey1 very hesitantly begin this speech:

"Mama, I really hate to say this, but, well, I don't want apple juice to drink.  What I want to drink is water."

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