21 June 2010

Nod and Smile

Well, first of all: Thorvald emerged from hiding only seven hours after my in-laws returned home. I was able to tell my children about the bad guys who broke into Grandma and Pappy's house without having to explain that said bad guys stole their beloved cat. So life is much better.

But on to the point of this post:

My daughter just informed me of this -

When I grow up, I'm going to be a Farmer! ("What kind of Farmer?" I asked.) Well, I'm going to be an animal farmer. ("Oh? What kind of animals will you farm?") I'm going to have sheep, cows, calves, goats, and ducks. I'm going to have FOUR ducks, and then if one gets aten by a fox I won't even mind, but when they grow up, they'll be able to fly back to the barn, because they'll know that I'm the Farmer! And there will be a Daddy goat, and the Daddy goat will be the pushy one, and if I don't get in quick he'll snitch! (I think she means "nip", but I'm not certain.)

Speaking of being a farmer, Monkey3's favourite story right now is his "totor Ted book." (That's "Tractor Ted" for the uninformed. It's a video series of a working farm from Great Britain, narrated by Tractor Ted. The book has nothing to do with the video, but also contains a cartoonish small green tractor.) The last sentence is "Wouldn't you like to be a Farmer and drive a tractor?" Monkey3 always answers "Yes, Mama, too!"

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