24 July 2010

I'm a little concerned... (or, How do I not laugh?)

The Mad Scientist and I really, desperately need to work on our poker faces.  Because it's really hard to lecture children when you're laughing.  There have been several incidences of this in the last few days, but my favourite was last night:

I heard Monkey2 start wailing in the bedroom, and when I walked in and asked what happened she said "The boys were BEATING on me!"  (Side track:  She's just discovered that she can refer to her brothers in the plural.  Now everything is "the boys."  Thursday morning she sat down at the table and said "Good morning, boys!")  "Beating on you?" I asked just to clarify I heard correctly, and was given a definite affirmative.  I looked at Monkey1.  "Were you beating on your sister?"  "I wasn't beating on her!" he protested.  (long pause.)  "...very hard."

Speaking of my dear oldest son, this morning he has asked me repeatedly to make him a spear.  Finally I said "Why do you want a spear?" and he answered "Well, because, I just like weapons."  Excellent.

Apparently I seemed somewhat amenable to the idea of a spear, however, because his next request was for a lance.  I explained that a lance was just a type of spear, and was informed that, yes, that's true, and he wants both.  Then he asked "Why are lances so long?" and I (not really thinking about it) said "Oh, I think so they'll go further when you throw them?"  "MAma!" he protested indignantly "Lances are NOT throwing spears!  They're stabbing spears."  Oh, well, I beg your pardon.  "Why are you asking me this, since you obviously know more about it than I do?"  I think he's decided his mother is a little hopeless in the weaponry department.

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  1. Love it! Next he'll be asking for a horse to stab said lance from.
    Miss you guys a lot. Cricut is doing better. Vet said he picked up a parasite of some kind. His hair is growing back but right now he looks a little pink and wrinkled.


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